Feed Additives for Efficient Livestock Farming
At BASF, we create chemistry – and have been doing so for 150 years. Feed producers, feed millers, integrators, farmers, animals and consumers – all can benefit from our research and development committed to feeding the worlds growing population. Our products help farmers to raise vital animals, to utilize feeds more efficiently and to achieve top performance. By offering enzymes, glycinates, vitamins, carotenoids, organic acids, clays, and omega-6’s, we can help to nourish more animals while saving resources.


Highest quality as top priority

BASF has decades of experience, in development, production and application in the feed sector. We place particular importance on delivering the highest quality for the benefit of humans and animals alike. That is why our customers can rely on our products to meet the highest standards and fulfill their needs. For us, this also includes holding the necessary registrations as well as certificates and fulfilling industry specifications. We place a strong focus on rigorous quality management systems and a highly competent regulatory support. Not only our leading formulation expertise, but also our complete traceability systems all the way back to the input of raw materials are concrete examples of how we ensure a consistent raw material quality and product quality.

(As footnote?) BASF is an approved feed additive producer under the European Regulation No.183/2005 laying down requirements for feed hygiene (approval number α DE RP 1 31401). In addition, BASF is independently and voluntarily certified by FAMI-QS, following the Code of Practice of the Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System European Association. BASF operates according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) rules. The quality management system for development, production, and marketing of feed additives meets the requirements of ISO standard 9001 and ISO standard 140001.


Keeping animals energetic and productive

With our high-quality, efficient products, we help our customers to keep their business profitable and preserve resources at the same time. We are developing feed additives to keep animals energetic and productive. Lutrell® for ruminants is just one of many examples. Its omega-6’s help to reduce the strain of lactation on cows. This keeps cows feeling better while producing more and better milk over a longer productive lifetime. Novasil™ Plus helps feed manufacturers to make feedstuffs safer and improve their properties. It promotes animal wellbeing by binding mycotoxins like aflatoxin. Once aflatoxin is bound, the animal no longer has to suffer from the negative effects caused by it. This is of great benefit to both the livestock farmer and the consumer. Our organic acids improve the quality of silage and also prevent feed spoilage.

Our products also help pigs to better digest and utilize their food as well as keeping feed hygienic and fresh. We provide ingredients that pigs need to grow, stay vital and eventually supply high-quality meat. The pioneering phytase Natuphos®, for example, improves digestion of plant phosphorous. This helps to avoid adding inorganic phosphorus, and preserves resources as well as the environment.


Easier digestion and vital growth

BASF feed additives also support poultry, such as laying hens and broilers, to make better use of the energy provided by their feed. The enzyme Natugrain® TS, for example, makes wheat and barley easier to digest. We also provide Lucantin®, which gives eggs their appealing yellow orange yolks and broiler chickens their appetizing golden skin color. Other products provide an optimal supply of nutrients and work to prevent parasites and fungi from contaminating the feed.

Also in fish ponds and in marine aquacultures our products are often used. Our carotenoids enable the pigmentation of salmon, trout and shrimp in aquaculture. Our vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and organic acids ensure excellent performance through rapid, vital growth of  fish and shellfish. BASF products also keep dogs, cats, and other pets fit and vital:

our feed additives help to meet the daily nutritional demand of our companion animals.

Glycinates complement BASF´s offer to the animal nutrition market and allow our customers to source glycinates in a one-stop-shop solution in combination with other products. Glycinates also perfectly enrich BASF’s product range with regard to their sustainability contribution: They not only ensure optimized animal diets through optimal trace element utilization and less correlation with other ingredients, they also minimize the excretion of trace elements through a better absorption. Consequently, BASF’s glycinates minimize emissions, promote vital growth of animals and increase efficiency.


table 1

Tab 1.: BASF’s feed additives can be used for ruminants, poultry, pigs, aquaculture as well as pets. A large variety of product formulations, concentrations and mixtures is available to meet the needs of livestock producers and to achieve optimum animal performance.


Partner for innovative approaches

Thanks to its global research network, with renowned Animal Nutrition Institutes and own research and development programs, BASF Animal Nutrition is ideally placed to find solutions for efficient livestock farming. Its enzyme research is just one example. BASF added a highly competent team and pioneering technology center in California to further strengthen its development opportunities. BASF is not only the most experienced phytase producer with its Natuphos® phytase, it is also one of the leading vitamin producers and is continually optimizing its products and processes. With its new dairy concept, BASF Animal Nutrition directly addresses the needs of dairy farmers with a broad portfolio ranging from feed additives, cost-/benefit- calculators, foils for hay bales, cow mattresses all the way to hygienic flooring solutions.

The way to better animal nutrition may be shorter than you think: animal-nutrition.basf.com



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