Leverkusen / Mainz, Germany, May 10, 2016 – Bayer and BioNTech AG, a leading immunotherapy company headquartered in Mainz, Germany have entered into an agreement to develop novel, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and therapeutics specifically for Animal Health applications. BioNTech will contribute its proprietary mRNA technology platform, formulation development capabilities, immunology expertise and intellectual property, while Bayer’s Animal Health unit will provide its development expertise and disease know-how. This is the first partnership of its kind making a substantial investment in mRNA therapeutics specifically for Animal Health applications.

More at: http://press.bayer.com/baynews/baynews.nsf/id/Bayer-BioNTech-Join-Forces-Develop-Innovative-New-mRNA-Vaccines-Therapeutics-Animal-Health?Open&parent=news-overview-category-search-en&ccm=020

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