GD Animal Health

Jun 27, 2017

Your Partner In Animal Health Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large. For nearly one hundred years, that has been the mission for which we stand at GD Animal Health. We are a leading company in animal health. Approximately 400 employees innovatively work on the health of livestock every day. We employ a team of veterinarians, specialists and scientists who execute animal health monitoring, conduct practical research and develop programmes for animal disease prevention and control. We do so together with laboratories, veterinary universities, integrators, farmers, veterinarians, governments and the industry in over 98 countries worldwide. Figure 1 gives an overview of our products and services. We own one of the largest veterinary laboratories in the world, in which we perform over 4 million laboratory analyses annually. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. We also offer laboratories the possibility to participate in our international proficiency testing schemes, as part of a laboratory’s quality control management. Besides the PTS we provide a wide... ...

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Jul 14, 2016

Healthcare is essential for the welfare of animals and prevention of diseases transferred from animals to humans. JRS provides solutions for custom delivery systems and dosage forms to meet the needs of the growing global animal health industry. JRS PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of high functionality excipients, stabilizers, and nutritional and functional fibers for veterinary medicine and animal health supplements. Our innovative solutions and technical support add value to the development and manufacture of companion animal and livestock animal health products. Liquids and Gels Liquids and gels are widely used dosage forms for animals. They can be administered orally by drench guns, dosing pumps, and syringes, mixed into feed, or spread or poured as a cream, gel, or liquid on the skin. Our broad range of thickeners allows for custom standardization of the viscosity including: drug stabilization, syringability, thixotropy, spreadability, and emulsifying properties. Our solutions include: VIVAPUR® MCG (Dispersible Cellulose) Solid Dosage Forms Offering an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of excipients, we provide solutions for various conventional and specific... ...

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Sep 18, 2014 0

Moredun Scientific is a contract research and testing organisation with over 25 years of experience in conducting efficacy and safety studies in livestock for the global animal health industry to GLP/VICH-GCP standards. Our company is the commercial arm of the Moredun Group supported by world leading scientists at the Moredun Research Institute who have a research focus on the prevention and control of infectious diseases of livestock. Our range of services includes: Efficacy Studies extensive portfolio of experimental and field infectious disease models for use in client studies new model and protocol development broad range of product types including vaccines, antimicrobials, anthelmintics, and anti-inflammatories. Studies are conducted in our GLP accredited laboratories and in our extensive, flexible animal facilities. Our integrated complex incorporates purpose built farm animal accommodation, an operating theatre and a post mortem suite.A high containment facility provides optimal controlled environmental conditions for large and small animal species and facilitates research on specified pathogens up to Category 3. Safety Studies Safety and tolerance studies in compliance with relevant international guidelines... ...

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