Healthcare is essential for the welfare of animals and prevention of diseases transferred from animals to humans. JRS provides solutions for custom delivery systems and dosage forms to meet the needs of the growing global animal health industry.

JRS PHARMA is a leading manufacturer of high functionality excipients, stabilizers, and nutritional and functional fibers for veterinary medicine and animal health supplements. Our innovative solutions and technical support add value to the development and manufacture of companion animal and livestock animal health products.

Liquids and Gels

Liquids and gels are widely used dosage forms for animals. They can be administered orally by drench guns, dosing pumps, and syringes, mixed into feed, or spread or poured as a cream, gel, or liquid on the skin. Our broad range of thickeners allows for custom standardization of the viscosity including: drug stabilization, syringability, thixotropy, spreadability, and emulsifying properties.

Our solutions include:

Solid Dosage Forms

Offering an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of excipients, we provide solutions for various conventional and specific solid dosage forms such as chewable tablets, boli tablets, or tablets for drinking.

Our solutions include:

Palatability and Taste Masking

High palatability is necessary for successful administration of veterinary products to animals. Encapsulation, tablet coating, addition of taste masking ingredients, and palatable flavors are widely used methods to increase compliance.

Our solutions include:

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