In June 2017 it will be 20 years since Klifovet’s CEO, Dr. Klaus Hellmann, founded the company. After some years with Pfizer and two years of private consulting to the animal health industry, Klaus founded KLIFOVET in June 1997 as a clinical CRO, managing and monitoring veterinary clinical studies. Dog, cat, cattle, swine and poultry studies were among the first studies, performed from the very beginning in several countries including Germany, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Soon skilled employees were needed, the first colleague joined already in 1997 and some of the very early colleagues are still with us. The team grew fast, 10,000s of kilometers were driven to deliver high quality services, flights to various central and remote destinations per month became routine. The path to a full CRO took a lot of efforts: to be able to offer the complete scope of clinical studies, a quality management system was established and certified to ISO 9001 in 1998, Klifovet received the GMP accreditation for clinical supplies in 2007 and developed the first FDA 21 CRF 11 compliant electronic data capture system specifically for animal health multicenter, multi-language GCP studies. Until now hundreds of studies were conducted under KLIFOVET’s name, being known in the animal health industry for its high quality.

In 2009, we started formally our regulatory affairs unit. It has by now obtained several marketing authorizations for veterinary medicinal products and feed additives for various customers: a success story headed by Beate Lohr. The latest success story was the implementation of a project management group for animal health product development in 2012, headed by Regina Wolf. Winning the Animal Pharm Award in 2006 and 2015 demonstrate the long standing success of the KLIFOVET team.

More than one good reason to celebrate! Save the date: On June 29th and 30th, 2017, Klifovet will celebrate its anniversary with a special seminar and party. Time for a nostalgic look back and for discovering new perspectives for the future. The seminar on “20 Years of Animal Health” will focus on the large challenges and exiting progresses that this time span brought for the market. What has changed during twenty years and which processes have started with regards to the occurrence of certain diseases, the regulatory background for animal health product development, the conflicting interests of increased protein demand and increased ethical awareness, “novel therapies” including cell-based products and use of GMOs, personalized medicine etc., to name only some of the topics?

The agenda will be online soon on our website Proposals for topics and speakers are of course welcome, please contact if you are interested to contribute.

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