Antibiotic award for research group

Jul 9, 2018

University of Bristol Veterinary School’s AMR Force wins in the third Antibiotic Guardian Awards run by Public Health England. A University of Bristol research group has won a prestigious award in recognition of its achievement in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR Force, which facilitates AMR research at the university’s Veterinary School, was recognised at the Antibiotic Guardian Awards run by Public Health England. Now in their third year, the awards are attended by leaders in human medicine, veterinary medicine and the agricultural industries from the UK and around the world. Worldwide entries Hosted by chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, the awards this year included entries from as far away as Malaysia and New Zealand. The university’s AMR Force was victorious in the new Agriculture and Food category for its collaboration with researchers, practitioners and industry bodies across the food chain. Public awareness AMR Force aims to promote and facilitate decreasing antibiotic use while improving animal health through a range of approaches addressing differing styles and attitudes. It has also... ...

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University of Bristol initiative honoured at antibiotic awards

Jul 2, 2018

AMR Task Force wins in the agriculture & food category An antimicrobial resistance research initiative led by vets at the University of Bristol scooped top honours at the Antibiotic Guardian Awards. Led by Dr Kristen Reyher, The ‘AMR Force’, programme won first prize in the agriculture and food category. The British Poultry Council and Wayland Farms were also highly commended. The category – a first for the annual awards ceremony – attracted 16 retailers, universities, independent businesses and farmers, with nine scoring enough to be shortlisted by the judges. The wins in other categories were more focused on healthcare. Now in its third year, the Antibiotic Guardian Awards celebrate organisations and individuals who have shown achievements in tackling antimicrobial resistance at a local, regional or national level. The campaign is led by Public Health England in collaboration with Defra and professional bodies. Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies opened the awards by acknowledging the antibiotic achievements of the poultry meat and pig sectors. The Prescribing & Stewardship award went to... ...

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Pig sector praised for reducing antibiotic use

Jun 18, 2018

Chief medical officer attends industry event in London Chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies has praised the UK pig industry for its progress in reducing antibiotic usage but stressed that the work was only ‘half done’. Speaking at an industry roundtable event in London, Dame Sally emphasised the Government’s One Health approach to antimicrobial resistance and stressed the global nature of the problem. Joined by chief veterinary officer Christine Middlemiss, she explained that One Health was about ensuring ‘we all work together’ to ensure antibiotics are used appropriately in pets, humans and livestock. “I am proud of how well you are doing with antibiotics. I am here because we are talking One Health. Christine and I are joined at the hip about how we work on this and what we do together,” she said. “Let me be quite clear – the problem is biggest in human use and misuse of antibiotics. “I recognise that and I am not into blaming our animal sector. But over 70 per cent of antibiotics... ...

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Vets urge responsible antibiotic use by pet owners

Apr 9, 2018

British Veterinary Association has joined Defra, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) in launching the Trust Your Vet campaign today, urging pet owners to follow veterinary advice and trust their vets on the use of antibiotics. Findings from BVA’s latest Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey reveal that nearly two-thirds of vets (66%) feel their clients are not aware of the issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Also, almost 90% of vets say that clients come to appointments, at least sometimes, with an expectation they will provide antibiotics for their pets. AMR poses a global threat to human and animal health and requires concerted efforts across the medical and veterinary professions to steward responsible use, as recognised in the UK Government-commission global Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, chaired by Lord O’Neill (May 2016). BVA is a member of RUMA and has been working closely with stakeholders in government and industry to develop appropriate and evidence-based targets across the livestock sector. These concerted efforts have led to... ...

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The Potential of Feed Additives in Reducing Antibiotic Usage

Dec 21, 2017

Over the last years, feed additives that support gut health have gained special attention from animal producers worldwide. Tim Goossens and Daniel Ramírez at Nutriad discuss how feed additives do not cure acute bacterial challenges, but prepare the gastro-intestinal tract of animals as well as possible to overcome negative consequences of certain diseases in a later life stage. As many of the effects of feed additives on bacteria are indirect, or modulate their virulence pathways, rather than having a specific bacteriostatic effect, the chance of building up resistance against these components is much less likely. ...

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Nutriad Presenting At Layer Feed Conferences in Asia

Nov 20, 2017

Belgium headquartered multination feed additives producer NUTRIAD was a proud sponsor of the recently held Feed Layer Conferences in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Besides supporting the event, NUTRIAD also presented on alternatives for the use of antibiotics in feed formulations for poultry. The 2017 Asian Layer Feed Quality conference series focused on three key areas: Translating the latest layer research into practice; Reducing feed costs and Developing nutritional strategies to reduce or replace in-feed antibiotics. The global egg market is one of the fastest growing protein markets with more than 50% growth in next decade and faster growth for egg products Global poultry is currently performing well, with producers generating profits in most regions of the world, despite the ongoing pressure of Avian Influenza (AI) which is felt especially in Asia. China is the big exception, where the negative impact of AI has kept prices down. Dr. Tim Goossens, Business Manager Digestive Performance, Nutriad Belgium, presented his paper entitled “Can Gut Health Additives be used as... ...

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