New anti-emetic product launched

Jan 15, 2018

Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new formulation anti-emetic injection, Prevomax, for the treatment and prevention of vomiting and nausea in dogs and cats. The manufacturer said it contains benzyl alcohol, a preservative that is known to reduce pain at the injection site, compared to the alternative maropitant injection that is preserved by metacresol. The convenient 20ml bottle has a 56-day broached shelf life, making it ideal, said the firm, for use in a busy practice across multiple patients, reducing wastage. Dechra brand manager Claire Morgan said: “Human clinical studies have shown that an injection containing benzyl alcohol causes less pain than an injection preserved with metacresol. “Prevomax is particularly useful for the treatment and prevention of nausea induced by chemotherapy and for treatment of vomiting, in combination with other supportive measures.” Dechra is inviting veterinary professionals to share their experience of using Prevomax for a chance to win a £100 Amazon gift card. Entries should be submitted via the Dechra website by 28 February. ...

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Liquid formula makes hyperthyroidism treatment easier to swallow

Dec 4, 2017

A new liquid formula designed to manage lifelong hyperthyroidism in cats is making life simpler for owners, who find the liquid solution “easier to use“ than tablets. Of 200 veterinary surgeons surveyed as part of a nationwide research campaign, 92% reported cat owners found a liquid solution easier to use than tablets to treat the condition. Furthermore, 95% of vets reported success treating cats with Thyronorm Oral Solution for Cats, while 89% expected the liquid solution to improve compliance in the management of hyperthyroidism. The survey also showed 93% of vets found Thyronorm gave them an easier way to offer cats a low dose, or an “in-between“ dose, as it can be titrated to suit the individual animal. Norbrook’s companion animal senior product manager Rachel Crowe said the disease affected cats’ behaviour, making them irritable and anxious, and therefore difficult to medicate. She said: “Thyronorm’s flavoured, liquid formulation is specifically designed to increase compliance and improve titration ability for precise and accurate management of hyperthyroid cats. “We are delighted that, overall, 99% of... ...

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Detector puts diagnosis power in clinicians’ hands

Nov 27, 2017

Vets looking to diagnose and monitor anaemia can obtain results in 10 seconds with a new haematocrit/haemoglobin detector from Vet Direct. The AniPoc Handheld Monitor is a portable unit that enables clinicians to conduct a single-step ear prick test to diagnose and monitor anaemia in dogs, cats and horses. Such an approach eliminates the need to spend any time in the lab and, once obtained, the result can be saved for future review, if necessary – the company said. Leon Wright, managing director at Vet Direct, said: “The AniPoc device eliminates the need to draw blood with a syringe – a simple pin prick is enough – and it is perfect for both veterinary practices and home visits. “The speed and accuracy of the product means it is better equipped to monitor animals undergoing anaesthesia or transfusions, and can be used to effectively screen animals taking part in pet blood banks and mobile clinics.” The AniPoc Handheld Monitor and Starter Kit is available from Vet Direct for £250. For more... ...

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New treatment that enhances product choice is ‘spot-on’

Nov 13, 2017

Vets have another tool in their kit to treat fleas and ticks with the release of Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs. MSD Animal Health has added to its existing range with the new product, which offers 12-week flea and tick protection, and provides vets and owners with more choice when it comes to treatment. The complementary product joins the Bravecto Dog Chew and follows swiftly on the heels of the launch of Bravecto Spot-on for Cats. MSD marketing manager Amanda Melvin said: “Our research has shown convenience is the key to improving compliance and successfully eradicating fleas and ticks. “By offering a new formulation of a 12-week treatment, Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs further increases the opportunity. It improves the choice for vets and pet owners, depending on the client’s lifestyle and type of dog.” The product also affords vets the opportunity to raise the topic of fleas and ticks with clients that have been more reluctant to use existing products, Ms Melvin added. A range of materials for practice staff and... ...

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