CCTV in English abattoirs now mandatory

May 14, 2018

Official Veterinarians will have unlimited access to footage Legislation that requires CCTV in all English abattoirs came into force on the 4th of May in a move that is set to cement the UK’s position as a global leader in animal welfare standards. The initiative comes after a government consultation on plans to install CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses in all areas where animals are present. Other recent reforms to improve animal welfare include proposals to increase the maximum prison sentence for animal cruelty to five years and ending the third-party sales of puppies. Under the new arrangement, Official Veterinarians will be given unlimited access to the CCTV footage. In turn, this will enable them to reassure customers that high animal welfare standards are being met. All slaughterhouses in England will be required to comply with the new law by 5 November, 2018. An adjustment period of six months has been allowed by the government to enable businesses to install a suitable CCTV system. Commenting on the move, animal welfare minister... ...

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CCTV in slaughterhouses: Wales hints at future legislation

Mar 26, 2018

Scheme to offer £1.1m in aid to small and medium-sized businesses   The Welsh Government has hinted at future legislation to bring CCTV into slaughterhouses. Lesley Griffiths, Welsh cabinet secretary for rural affairs, announced a £1.1 million scheme to grant aid to small and medium-sized slaughterhouses. “Welfare friendly infrastructure and facilities will be supported and also the installation and upgrading of CCTV monitoring systems,” she said. “I want to assist Food Business Operators to put systems in place, while legislating for CCTV in slaughterhouses is taking place in England. I want Wales’ slaughterhouses to be fully prepared as I continue to explore opportunities to legislate in the longer term.” Welcoming the news, BVA Welsh branch president Sarah Carr said: “Improving welfare at slaughter is a hugely important campaign for veterinary surgeons and we hope that the Welsh Government will move quickly towards legislating to introduce CCTV in all Welsh slaughterhouses. “Mandatory CCTV will provide an essential tool in fostering a culture of compassion that helps safeguard animal welfare. It will also... ...

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Slaughterhouse CCTV law laid before parliament

Feb 26, 2018

Legislation to come into force in May 2018 New legislation making CCTV cameras mandatory in slaughterhouses has been laid before parliament today. Under the proposals, official veterinarians (OVs) will have unfettered access to the last 90 days of footage, to help them monitor and enforce animal welfare standards. The legislation will come into force in England from May 2018, once it has passed through parliament, and businesses will have six months to comply. BVA president John Fishwick said mandatory CCTV in all areas of the slaughterhouse offers an “essential tool in fostering a culture of compassion that could help safeguard animal welfare”. He added: “We commend the Government’s commitment to provide Official Veterinarians with unrestricted access to the footage, which the veterinary profession has long been campaigning for. “It is vets’ independence and unique qualifications that help ensure the UK will continue to have the highest standards of animal health, welfare and food safety post-Brexit.” BVA and the Veterinary Public Health Association have long campaigned for mandatory CCTV in all... ...

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