New guidance for companion animal establishments and inspections

Jul 16, 2018

New guidance for companion animal establishments and their inspection has been published following six years of research and development by an international team of leading scientists and vets. Just published in the prestigious scientific journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science, the ‘Guidelines for Inspection of Companion and Commercial Animal Establishments’, is believed to provide the best evidence-based and most objective information resource of its kind anywhere in the world. For decades, concerns over animal welfare and public health issues have been reported for a variety of animal establishments including dog breeding kennels, pet shops and other facilities. Formal inspection methods have been inconsistent at best. A lack of objective, universal, guidance has played a role in a situation that has long been unacceptable. The new report offers comprehensive coverage for both animal husbandry (including invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds) as well as inspection protocols for a variety of commercial and non-commercial establishments such as pet shops, breeding centres, boarding kennels and sanctuaries. Space for animals, responsible handover, facility layout, human health and... ...

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New ‘key essentials’ on managing diabetes in pets published by Companion Animal

May 25, 2018

A new set of notes on “key essentials” of diabetes mellitus in pets has been produced to assist vets in general practice to manage their diabetic cat and dog patients. The guidance was published in the March issue of UK-Vet Companion Animal, together with further information and discussions around the management of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats, and has now been made available free. The guidelines came out of a roundtable held in London in November 2017, attended by veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses from the UK, Europe and (via Skype) Australia, with considerable experience and expertise in the diagnosis and management of diabetes. A high degree of consensus was reached on the essential points regarding pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus, monitoring and instability, owner considerations and the requirements for successful treatment. Diabetes mellitus is probably better considered as a syndrome rather than a single disease. Management of diabetic pets is complicated by the fact that while they share the basic clinical signs of polydipsia/polyuria, polyphagia, and so on,... ...

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Mars Petcare Acquisition of Genoscoper to Accelerate Discovery of Genetic Health Markers for Companion Animals

Jan 15, 2018

Mars Petcare acquired Genoscoper Laboratories, a specialist in molecular diagnostics for companion animals. The acquisition will accelerate the pace of discoveries in genetics, to form the basis for future practical applications in enabling precision healthcare for pets. Mars Petcare’s genetic testing unit Wisdom Health is a pioneer in this field with its market leading breed detection testWISDOM PANEL[TM]. Finland-based Genoscoper, in close partnership with University of Helsinki, created the genetic health testing platform MyDogDNA. Since 2015, Genoscoper and Wisdom Health have partnered to discover new genetic health markers for companion animals and have recently launched a new product for dogs, WISDOM PANEL™ Health, combining breed ancestry with detection of potential inherited health conditions. “Our world-class genetics research is focused on helping pet owners and veterinarians improve the health of pets with tools that define their genetic predispositions for health and disease. Ultimately this will enable targeted and preventive veterinary care with pets getting individualized nutrition, exercise and treatment,” said Leonid Sudakov, President, Connected Solutions, Mars Petcare. “This is a critical... ...

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Campaign urges owners and vets to wise up to worms

Nov 13, 2017

A campaign to increase veterinary professional and owner knowledge about the growing threat of worms in the UK has been launched. The Wormwise campaign from Elanco, and its Milbemax product, aims to encourage owners to visit their veterinary practice to properly assess pets’ risk of worms and talk about optimal deworming frequency. Veterinary professionals are also being urged to share responsible worming messages to help owners understand the changing and growing threat tapeworm, roundworm and lungworm poses across the UK and Ireland. A series of practice materials, featuring Milly the cat and Max the dog, have been produced to help staff spread the word. Plans are also afoot to take the message to shopping centres across the UK this year, to “disgust and delight” shoppers. At the heart of the campaign is the mantra “being Wormwise is EASY”, which stands for four steps: Educate yourself about worms Assess your pets’ risk Seek advice from your vet You can take worm control to the max “Wormwise will be build over the... ...

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