Labour Party would ban cage egg production if elected

Apr 16, 2018

The Labour Party would ban cage egg production on farms in the United Kingdom if it came to power. The commitment is amongst a number of policies outlined in what it says is a plan for radical action on animal welfare. Other policies include ending the badger cull – introduced in an attempt to tackle bovine TB – and banning live exports of animals for slaughter or fattening. Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary Sue Hayman says she wants the UK to become a world leader on animal rights. All the major retailers in the United Kingdom, as well as a number of leading food service companies, have already committed to going cage-free by 2025. The move followed successful animal welfare campaigns run mainly on the internet. Particularly influential was a petition by schoolgirl Lucy Gavaghan from Sheffield. She initially aimed her campaign at Tesco. The petition went viral, with huge numbers of signatures, and Tesco eventually said it would stop selling cage eggs by 2025. Once Tesco committed to going cage-free,... ...

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