Wearable device identifies early signs of lameness

Jan 15, 2018

Vets at the University of Nottingham are developing a new, wearable device that can identify the early signs of lameness in sheep. Until now, farmers have struggled to diagnose lameness early because there are no validated commercial tools available. But now a new device, developed in partnership with Intel and Farm Wizard, aims to change this. The device consists of a sensing device worn on a sheep’s ear tag that gathers accelerometer and gyroscope data, effectively tracking the animal’s behaviour movement and gait. Nottingham Vet School researcher Dr Jasmeet Kaler explains: “Our new system is a smart device – a wearable technology that we hope will be a game-changing investment for sheep farmers and a first for the industry. “The algorithms we have developed are used to create different alerts for farmers. So far they have provided high accuracy in predicting various behaviours of the sheep, including differentiating lameness.” Dr Kaler’s previous research found that just 20 per cent of farmers can spot and treat the early signs of lameness... ...

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Latest Lameness Research: A Summary

Dec 21, 2017

Lameness is a major challenge in dairy herds globally. Digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as Mortellaro, is an infectious condition and one of the major causes of lameness, reducing mobility, comfort, feed intake milk yield, and fertility. This infectious condition can spread quickly through the entire herd and can reduce milk yield by at least one litre per cow per day. George Shaw at Provita Eurotech Ltd summarises key points from presentations and scientific posters from researchers across the globe that could help farmers tackle lameness in their herds. ...

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