Investigation reveals violations in US meat production

Feb 26, 2018

Findings spark fresh concerns over safety of US meat  A collaborative investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Guardian has revealed thousands of hygiene violations in US meat production. The violations, revealed in unpublished US documents, include dirty chicken, diseased poultry meat and pig carcasses piling up on the factory floor. They also include meat destined for the human food chain riddled with faecal matter and factory floors flooded with dirty water. The findings follow a row over chlorinated chicken, which sparked fears the UK could be open to such practices if food safety standards are lowered after Brexit. Commenting on the recent findings, MPs and food safety experts said that the violations highlight the risks to consumers, both in the US and the UK. “These figures are sobering reminders of the risks to UK public health if the UK crashes out of the EU’s food safety regime into the arms of Uncle Sam,” said Tim Lang, professor of food policy at London’s City University. “British consumers must... ...

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Sheep Scab – A Major Pest to Sheep Production

Dec 21, 2017

Sheep scab is a disease caused by the mite Psoroptes ovis, which lives on the skin surface where it feeds. The faeces produced by the sheep scab mite cause a severe allergic dermatitis, resulting in the ‘scabby’ lesions which we associate with the later stages of the disease. Rachel Mallet at Bimeda discusses how in spite of having four medicinal active ingredients available with 16 different brands licensed and available in the UK, they are still struggling to get this disease under control. ...

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