One Health & Food Safety Congress

Jul 9, 2018

Dates: 18/09/2018 – 19/09/2018 Location: Bonn, Germany The objective of the congress “One Health and Food Safety” is to bring together researchers from different disciplines including human and veterinary medicine, animal, plant and environmental science, public health politics, management and economics. Individual, regional, and global health of humans and animals is interconnected, pointing to the need for a “One Health” perspective. Antimicrobial resistances as well as foodborne diseases are prominent examples of those close interlinkages. Inappropriate use of antibiotics in human medicine and agricultural production has exerted an enormous selection pressure on the earth microbiome and has increased antimicrobial resistance globally. Many zoonoses relate in some respect to animals in the food production chain and induce foodborne diseases. With a growing rate of antimicrobial resistance among zoonotic pathogens, the consequences of these infections for human health become even more problematic. There is a need for stronger collaboration between various disciplines to inspire solutions that may help to protect human and animal health as well as food and environmental safety. Learn... ...

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Nutriad Presenting At Layer Feed Conferences in Asia

Nov 20, 2017

Belgium headquartered multination feed additives producer NUTRIAD was a proud sponsor of the recently held Feed Layer Conferences in Jakarta (Indonesia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Besides supporting the event, NUTRIAD also presented on alternatives for the use of antibiotics in feed formulations for poultry. The 2017 Asian Layer Feed Quality conference series focused on three key areas: Translating the latest layer research into practice; Reducing feed costs and Developing nutritional strategies to reduce or replace in-feed antibiotics. The global egg market is one of the fastest growing protein markets with more than 50% growth in next decade and faster growth for egg products Global poultry is currently performing well, with producers generating profits in most regions of the world, despite the ongoing pressure of Avian Influenza (AI) which is felt especially in Asia. China is the big exception, where the negative impact of AI has kept prices down. Dr. Tim Goossens, Business Manager Digestive Performance, Nutriad Belgium, presented his paper entitled “Can Gut Health Additives be used as... ...

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