Texas Animal Health Commission celebrates 125 years

Apr 16, 2018

In the late-1920s, TAHC and USDA collaborated to fight the last case of classical swine fever in Texas.  The Texas Animal Health Commission has reached an historic milestone as the agency celebrates 125 years of service to Texas animal agriculture. The TAHC was established on April 20, 1893, as the Texas Livestock Sanitary Commission and charged with protecting the state’s domestic animals “from all contagious or infectious diseases of a malignant character.” “Through the years TAHC has remained true to its charge while evolving with the times to protect the health and marketability of all Texas livestock and poultry,” says Andy Schwartz, TAHC executive director. “We are excited to celebrate this milestone anniversary and reflect on TAHC’s historic past.” Gov. James Hogg gave the agency its start when he appointed three commissioners to oversee the agency and its $20,000 two-year budget. The commissioners were authorized to hire a veterinarian, provided no more than $10 a day or $900 a year was spent on the salary. TAHC was small but the agency’s... ...

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